Tuesday, May 31, 2016

January 2017 "Snow Camp" retreat at Clearwater Forest, grades 7-12

You can use the Youth Connection Events tab above for the same info and link to sign-up.

January 20-22 (Friday-Sunday)
Snow Camp Retreat @ Clearwater Forest camp (Deerwood, MN)
Grades 7-12

Register online at www.clearwaterforest.org just like you would for a summer camp session. Choose "pay by check" or "pay by other." First Presbyterian Church will provide a $45 subsidy toward the total retreat fee ($90) so your cost = $50...due to camp no later than January 13 - a week prior to the retreat. Contact Mark Giese as soon as you have registered. New to registering online with Clearwater Forest? You will need to set up a family account online. It will take a small chunk of time but each registration after is a breeze!