Sunday Mornings

"Sunday School" is offered for Jr High (Middle School) and Sr High youth each week. The two groups will occasionally meet together, but most often we begin together briefly, then break off into separate class sessions as follows:
  • grades 5-8
  • grades 9-12 
We begin in the Friends in Faith youth room located in the lower level, just off from the Fellowship Hall.
  • dates:  March 31, April 7, April 14, April 28
Each week has a different theme and activity. Examples include:  video, group game, student-led prayers, reading the Bible and seeking its relevance, re-telling the stories in new ways, and tending to our peer relational skills

"Discussing today's sermon" is a brief gathering right after the Sermon/Message of the day. This gathering is especially for Jr High and Middle School youth. Discussion is connected to the message by asking some basic questions of the youth - not to see if they were paying attention! Rather, to move into a deeper level of what each week's theme is saying to us, both as individual responses, and as a Community of Faith.  Our gathering lasts for the remainder of worship.
  • grades 5-8
      • March 31
      • April 28