Wednesday Morning Breakfast

a HEARTy breakfast
...every Wednesday Morning

for Sr High youth of First Presbyterian Church, and your friends

Door Open (Courtyard, 4th Avenue side)
breakfast-y items available right when you walk in the door, like...
  • Kuerig coffee, O.J.
  • milk & cereal 
  • bagels & cream cheese
  • doughnuts 
  • fruit
  • breakfast bars (granola bar, Nutrigrain , etc.)
begin with Group Activity
Meet on the couches in Youth Room
Thought/Quote for the day
Prayers of the People:  I will simply as the Youth - for what or for whom are we offering our prayers this morning? FPC youth are used to me asking this and are experienced pray-ers!
Students who need to leave by 7:30am will be able to do so.
Students are invited to grab breakfast... either for "seconds" or if they haven't yet grabbed breakfast because they came in at 7:10 or later.

For Parents
  • Why an early weekday gathering?
    • I like our youth and want to spend quality time together each week, if possible - if only for 1/2 hour on a weekday
    • I am striving for a more consistent weekly connection with Sr High
      • Wednesday evenings, Sunday mornings, and Sunday evenings maybe are no longer a regular available time for youth who attend 5 different schools in the area, and in a variety of activities that we all know fall on 
    • I know this is an experiment. Thank you for trusting me enough to try something out of the ordinary. If it works - I will commit to being available and having breakfast available. If it fails, we'll talk it out and try something else.
    • having our High School youth connect w/each other is important for their faith development, as well as their "community" development which is important later in life, as it is now. We gather every Sunday morning at 10am as a Community of Faith
    • we need to all have a group of friends we can 
      • trust
      • be vulnerable in front of
      • pray for/with
      • go deep with:  their conversations and questions are often quite amazing! And sometimes silly. That's okay too.
  • Does this replace Sunday morning Sunday School?
    • nope. Still have that every Sunday at 9:00am too
    • time will tell the future of how to do Sunday Mornings w/youth, but I will keep offering a gathering for check-in, prayer, bible reading, and conversation w/youth
    • please don't substitute Wednesday mornings for Sunday mornings. We want to see Youth as a part of our worship gathering
  • On Wednesdays, students leave when they need to leave. We will be done by 7:30am to allow for students to safely get to their school by 8:00am.
    • As far as I know, ending at 7:30am will enable each of our students to get to school based on the start times of schools represented
      • Foley
      • St Cloud Tech
      • St. Cloud Apollo
      • Sartell-St Stephen
      • SaukRapids-Rice
    • We will promptly begin at 7:10
    • If students walk in late, then so be it. I am not offended by this. We'll deal with that as it happens, if necessary. 
  • I will try to offer a balance of convenient and healthy breakfast items
    • It will probably not ever be hot/brunch-like items
      • i.e. don't get them excited for eggs & bacon, pancakes, etc.
    • We can tweak the menu based on interest, cost, and availability
    • I am happy to receive feedback from Youth and Parents on this. I am happy to make this work so long as there are students attending. 
  • Cost:  let's start out with a free-will offering.
    • after a while... we'll know how many and what their interests are in food & beverage. We'll figure it out. For now, the Youth Fund can support this ministry experiment. 
  • Friends:  sure! If your son or daughter wants to invite a friend to church... uh, that's a no-brainer. We will make sure that they feel welcome!